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Album of people and places

In the order of their appearance

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Hohenklingen village
the Hohenklingen schoolhouse
Grandmother in Enzberg
Grandfather in Enzberg (died 1900)
the book about the war 1870/71
Uncle Friedrich (left, standing), war volunteer at 15
Aunt Berta (sitting), with a friend
the military hospital in Maulbronn
Grandmother in Hohenlohe with son-in-law Alfred and grandchildren
Aunt Marie in Hohenlohe with children
Uncle Wilhelm and Aunt Frida in the Black Forest with their baby daughter
Aunt Frida with children
Uncle Johann and Aunt Emma in Enzberger with children
Uncle Johann's house and family in Enzberg
Friedrich's first card from Brussels
A letter from Bromberg: Friedrich very ill with typhus
Bromberg, February 1915. Greetings to all from Friedrich
Friedrich (sitting 2nd left) in the Bromberg military hospital
'Resting Place for old Warriors' - Friedrich (standing 4th from left)
Music sheet 'Sailor's fate'
Else's copybook - 'Verdun, Verdun, Verdun ...'
German picture postcard: air-sea battle
Father's military passport
photo of the Rutsch family, spring 1916 after the consciption order
Rutsch family 1916, same photo session
Father (back row 2nd from left) in the Ludwigsburg training camp
Our holiday ressort in the Black Forest - Uncle Wilhelm's and Aunt Frida's home
Unterlegenhardt, my playmates and cousins Friedel and Wilhelm with their dachshund Walle
the hunters Uncle Wilhelm and Father after target practice
the Black Forest uncle (middle) as a soldier
the Hohenlohe uncle (right) as a soldier
the Hohenlohe uncle (standing) in 1918
Father (4th from right) as a medical orderly 1916
Hendecourt/Somme, painting on German war picture-postcard
Hendcourt/Somme, photo on a German war picture-postcard
medical dugout near Miraumont/Somme
the family farm in Enzberg, house and gateway
Grandmother's house with a view of the Enzberg church
war time collection of metal goods
postcards advertising war bonds
Herr König (who instigated Mother to buy the seagull-hat) with wife and sons
Nov. 1916, Else's first letter to her father
Christmas 1916, Father wishing Else happy birthday
another Christmas 1916 correspondence
'war and no end', Xmascard 1917
Xmas in Belgium 1915
letters by Father's pupils: 'if only the war was over'
letters by Father's pupils: 'we have just sent you a Xmas gift'
letters by Father's pupils: 'sure, you'd prefer  teaching to making war'
letters by Father's pupils: 'we'd rather have you here for Xmas'
Father's ideas for the Reformation Day celebration 1917
'grainharvest', photo by Aunt Berta
an offer to buy Grandmother's farm
'Waldfrauen' - forest wörkers 1918
last photo of Friedrich, 18 years old

Later family pictures

Grandmother on her 77th birthday (1933) with (l.t.r.) Berta, Frieda, Emma, Pausline
Sister Berta Kopp 1932
Else Rutsch 1935
Friedrich and Pauline Rutsch 1935
Friedrich Rutsch 1949
the sisters 1960 in Berta's garden
Else Würgau-Rutsch on her 80th birthday (1987)

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